Getting ready…

Wow, fun day today. All the teams are here now. Our hotel is an incredible sight. The parking lot has been absolutely engulfed with cycling. 15 teams are here, each with a a few cars, a bus, a trailer, maybe a van or two. Its like a mini-city. The teams come in and set up, and it really is an incredible sight. The atmosphere here is very relaxed. Medalist Sports (the company who organizes the tour) does an incredible job of organizing things around here. I’ve never seen anything like it. Nobody is tense, because everything is taken care of. I had dinner with the race director tonight at a seafood place across from our hotel. He just walked in, and had a seat at our table, totally relaxed, totally cool, just enjoying a good meal. If I was a race director of something of this caliber, I would imagine I would have a thousand things running through my head. The riders and teams have flooded the internet here at the hotel, so my connection is spotty. I’ll hold off on trying to upload pictures. Keep checking back, I’m determined to find a solid connection.

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