Schools out for the bike race!

With a 120 mile long course today, the whole course wasn’t exactly lined with spectators. I’ve been itching to do some announcing, so Jamie and I have been tracking down the best spots to stop and do a little 15-30 second spiel. We have found one stop where there is always a crowd and they are louder than a freight train. Elementary schools. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Schools along the routes usually let out classes, which means there are 300-400 kids lining the route crammed into a 50 yard stretch. They have been standing there for somewhere around a half hour, and are just BURSTING with energy. Take two parts dance music, about 30 motorcycles, 20 police cars with sirens roaring, 150 cyclists, 12 team cars, one cool painted truck, and throw in a few hundred Jelly Belly packets and you have quite a day for a bunch of 1st – 5th graders. They are out of school, under the sun, and are encouraged to yell and be out of control. SWEET! It’s a lot of fun for everyone, and more importantly, gives all those kids a chance to discover cycling.

My amateur photography career at the tour has not been going so well. Most of my time at the race is spent in the car, and we don’t get to see much of the race, because we are always out front. There are some cool sights along the route, but we are on the move quicker than you can say “auto-focus.” We have been watching the finishes, but any slightly interesting angle is taken by a press photographer, with another standing on their shoulders. I’ll just leave that part up to the professionals, but I’ll keep trying.

We are staying here for the next two days. What a fantastic and beautiful place! The lake is gorgeous and the lodge is no different.

Tomorrows race is going to be very cool, it is a time trial at an indy car track in Atlanta. Check back tomorrow for a report, and if we are lucky, maybe a few pictures finally. Cheers!

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