A change of pace.

Today’s race was held at Road Atlanta, and indy car course outside of Atlanta. It was nice to get out of the PA truck and experience the race from solid ground. The crowds were a bit better today, and the expo area was bigger too. Today was a team time trial, which means the teams of eight start together, and the whole team receives the time of the last rider to cross the line. Teams did four laps of the 2.5 mile course, and went off every 20 or so minutes. I got to do some PA introductions from the starting gate, a pretty cool experience. The moto guys were also nice enough to take me for a few laps on the back of one of the moto bikes. Talk about cool, I rode on a motorcycle through a race car track!

The coolest stuff from the day didn’t come from the race track. The expo area was full of reasons to love cycling. I found a few shots that demonstrate what makes cycling special.


If you wait long enough…

Good things happen! Thats George Hincapie, one of the biggest names in American cycling, signing that kids jersey. He waited there all day, and George was more than happy to sign the jersey. What other sport do fans get treatment like that?

Anyway, that was a really cool thing for me to see, and I thought it was important to share, because this was not a rare occurrence in the sport, I just got it on film this time. Go to a bike race!

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